Early spring
New Paintings
Written by Jeremy Harper   
Friday, 26 February 2010 17:51


Early spring
oil on canvas
only giclee available

It really is wise to do good deeds. Yesterday a young lady was lost and late for work. She got off of the bus on the wrong stop. CVS pharmacy was short on a manager and called her in from the opposite side of town. It would simply take too long for her to walk the long mile down the road to CVS so I offered to drive her. Instead of buying a cup of coffee  I helped a perfect stranger on her hurried journey to work. The whole rest of the day went incredibly smooth. The ocean served up some rare tube  rides for me that morning and later I sat perched on a warm green hillside in bliss painting the afternoon away. It really was a perfect day, and I credit the golden rule. What a great little reminder to constantly try to be good to one another.