Her Majesty
New Paintings
Written by Jeremy Harper   
Wednesday, 02 March 2011 19:14


Her Majesty
oil on canvas

She sure is pretty. I was amazed this day by her beauty, so glassy and uncrowded. The swell came in a full day early and only a handful of locals enjoyed the Queen's pristine offerings. My last wave was all the way to the freeway and I walked back up the point elated. I saw the snaking river mouth and raced home to get a couple of canvas'. Returning an hour later I set up my easel and tried to not let the waves distract me. If it wasn't hard enough to work under the spell of the sea two beauties in bikini's showed up. Nearly a dozen obnoxious photo crew members littered the river bank directly in front of me. I felt sorry for the poor gals so freezing cold an all. An hour passed and they left. The wind came up slightly and it got crowded and I was finally able to concentrate. What a day!